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MALWARE: Chapter 2

Author's note: So it took me awhile to get around to posting this, but I figured updated my blog was more important. Many great things are underway, and this story is only a fraction of everything that is going on. Without further ado, here is Malware: Chapter 2 By Valerie Taylor Visuals switched on and… Continue reading MALWARE: Chapter 2

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Depersonalization [a poem]

A poem inspired by: Trevor Something - Come Back to Me Depersonalization We stare at one other breathing identical breaths Humid steam Cheek to clammy cheek Our eyes penetrate our souls— Gazing into the blackness To the person we want to be I see you; You don’t see me. Fingertip to tip, Dragging down our… Continue reading Depersonalization [a poem]

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Writing Prompts (ESL)

Since I work part time as a private English Teacher in Japan, I wanted to share some writing prompts that  I made (upon receiving inspiration from Academic English Cafe). Academic English Cafe is a very useful tool. (゚∀゚)  These are divided up by Level -- as in Easy, Intermediate, and Expert. My thinking goes like this: Easy… Continue reading Writing Prompts (ESL)