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Innovations Saving Lives

I was recently asked by someone on Fiverr, where I'm growing into a self-directed entrepreneur (yay!), to write an article for their organization. Now, I'm not usually one for over-doing promotions or shining light on myself, but I wanted to feature this article today. I also wanted to explain more about the organization, because I… Continue reading Innovations Saving Lives

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The TunnelBear: Digging Holes in the Internet

  The TunnelBear VPN: Pawsitively Powerful I could bear-ly contain my excitement when finding a VPN that actually operated exactly the way I wanted.  Tunnelbear is adorable and powerful.  A true grizzly of the VPN world. What’s a VPN?   VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  You want one of these for a multitude of… Continue reading The TunnelBear: Digging Holes in the Internet

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Foreigner-friendly 2016年2月29日 I will admit, Japan is insular and will always be.  In spite of the influx of foreigners and international businesses, the Japanese maintain the thought process that Japan is for the Japanese and no one else.  Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.  However, in this generation, the world is getting smaller and… Continue reading Foreigner-Friendly