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Traveling with Misophonia

Hosteling when you hate noise Years ago I started hearing things that, to me, was nightmarish and repulsive. These noises are infinitely worse than nails on a chalkboard. Mouth noises, like chewing, teeth-sucking, tongue rolling, and even swallowing, turned me into a panicky, anxious mess. Whenever I heard cutlery clatter, felt the reverberation of slamming… Continue reading Traveling with Misophonia

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4 Things to Say to Someone Depressed

Originally published on my Hubpages. Chances are you know someone or you are someone who is anguished by depression. If you are someone with depression, I hope that, as a fellow sufferer, these statements offer you some relief from your sadness. Should you be someone questing for a means of supporting a friend or family member… Continue reading 4 Things to Say to Someone Depressed