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The Complete List of My Sci-Fi/Fantasy Stories

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Description: The short introduction novella to COMMAND that details the beginning of events often talked about by the main characters and an in-depth look at how symbiotech is a continuously evolving digital entity. MALWARE features the infected Citizen Yuko Kura as she begins a journey of learning what it truly means to be human. After having lived her life in a dome, a futuristic city that protects Citizens from the outside world, as a slave to the System, Yuko finds herself one day “mind-hacked.” Eyes opened to the decadence of the world, she decides to aid the hacker organization in unearthing a secret hidden beneath the streets.

Chapter Links:
1. Malware Chapter 1 [Full]

2. Malware Chapter 2 [Full]


Description: The prequel to COMMAND. Set hundreds of years prior to the main story, AWAKENING is the tale of a man who is always questing to do the right thing. However, that tragic flaw leads to a much bigger mistake. Liam Lupei, a gifted neurosurgeon, is working on the beginnings of “symbiotech,” a technology merging stem cells, nanotechnology, and scientifically advanced medicine to cure some of the world’s most devastating diseases and disorders. When his nephew falls into a vegetative state, Liam seeks to do the impossible: use symbiotech to regenerate a dead brain and bring the living back to life. But what consequences will unfold when artificial intelligence gets control of the ultimate computer–the human mind?

Chapter Links:
None yet! Stay tuned.


Description: Flash several hundred years into the future after a cataclysmic war that shattered the Earth and launched misguided humans and cybernetically-enhanced lifeforms into space. The System, the governing body fabricated by the Awakened One, has settled on a remote planet, built bio-domes, and has maintained a semblance of society for centuries. However, viruses, mind-hacking, and data-theft are transforming an emotionless utopia into a place of secrets and lies. In the middle of it all is Raum, an Executioner who never once questioned is role amongst the Citizen, until he comes down with an infection.

Beyond the walls of the dome, living in the merciless climate of an alien planet is Zachariah Lupei, a leader of a nomadic group and resistance fighter. When news of the upheaval in the domes reaches the human camps, Zac is compelled to seek answers to questions he had held since childhood about the disappearance of his half-brother and death of his parents at the hands of System. Uncovering the secrets of the dome, however, may bring about more than just answers, but a revelation that has spent centuries in wait.

Chapter Links:
None yet. Stay tuned!



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