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Everything featured here has been written by me. Any links you find are to groups or individuals who I am actively engaged with, have done work for, or have written for school, work, and other business.

Please note that you do not have permission to copy or use any of the work provided by these links or download. Should you wish to syndicate an article or have a topic within this list redone specifically for your website, please let me know.

Separating From Service 

* On this website, Separating from Service, I work in partnership with Eric Burleson, a veteran and phenomenal writer, who is aiding transitioning veterans make the best of their life after service. I have written web content, work as a VA for Eric, and have written articles for SFS as well.

Native Apples
* Check out the Native Apples website or read the blog. I am the main content writer for both the blog and site (having done the landing page, FAQ, and more).

Miscellaneous Documents
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1. Psychology Research Paper 1
2. Psychology Research Paper 2
3. Gallim Dance Performance Review