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Depersonalization [a poem]

A poem inspired by: Trevor Something - Come Back to Me Depersonalization We stare at one other breathing identical breaths Humid steam Cheek to clammy cheek Our eyes penetrate our souls— Gazing into the blackness To the person we want to be I see you; You don’t see me. Fingertip to tip, Dragging down our… Continue reading Depersonalization [a poem]

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Garden ・ 庭

I tried to write similar poems in English and Japanese. 大体同じ詩を英語と日本語で書いてみました。 Garden Do not fret over the late blossoms when all they need is a touch of sun. Do not tarry too long amongst the thorns, lest they snare your skin. Do not pluck an apple that does not easily drop into your hands, for… Continue reading Garden ・ 庭