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Kickstart a Healthy Life

Hey, you. Yes, you, the person sitting down, reading blogs to assuage your boredom. You know what you could be doing right now to add a few precious years to your life? To a moment to stretch your limbs, breathe some fresh air, and get physical.  As someone who was once at risk of diabetes, high cholesterol,… Continue reading Kickstart a Healthy Life

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Things to Do When Stuff Goes Wrong

We've all been there: that perilous moment when we haven't an idea what the heck we're doing, where we're headed and what do from that point. Life hands us all terrible news from time to time, and we're forced to deal with it somehow to survive. There are practices in many different places around the… Continue reading Things to Do When Stuff Goes Wrong

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4 Things to Say to Someone Depressed

Originally published on my Hubpages. Chances are you know someone or you are someone who is anguished by depression. If you are someone with depression, I hope that, as a fellow sufferer, these statements offer you some relief from your sadness. Should you be someone questing for a means of supporting a friend or family member… Continue reading 4 Things to Say to Someone Depressed

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Lettuce Regrow! A How-To

Sounds like a magic spell when you utter it fast, doesn't it? Lettuce Regrow! - Originally appeared on my Hubpages. Did you know you can regrow your lettuce and cabbage from the scraps with minimal effort? Chances are you probably thinking whether or not it is worth it. Who doesn't want to get more out of their… Continue reading Lettuce Regrow! A How-To

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Living in Japan Vol. 1

Yes, I made that banner. Don't laugh at my sushi.  My Tips for Living in Japan Volume 1 (2016年2月25日) Even before you pack up your belongings and say sayounara to your family and friends, there’s a couple of things you may want to do to lessen the overall struggle that is known as emigration. 1. Know the rules! I’m… Continue reading Living in Japan Vol. 1