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Lettuce Regrow! A How-To

Sounds like a magic spell when you utter it fast, doesn't it? Lettuce Regrow! - Originally appeared on my Hubpages. Did you know you can regrow your lettuce and cabbage from the scraps with minimal effort? Chances are you probably thinking whether or not it is worth it. Who doesn't want to get more out of their… Continue reading Lettuce Regrow! A How-To

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My Recommended Reward and Survey Sites

My Recommended Reward and Survey Sites アンケートサイトのおすすめ! A Candid Review by Teira Eri ・テイラーエリ Disclaimer: pages contains affiliate links. 日本のアンケートサイトの批評でございます!「日本アンケート」を探せば、見つかることができます。 また、一番下に移動すると、すぐ読めます。 Everyone is feeling the financial strain.  No matter where you are from, you no doubt are worried about the economy and are looking to save or make some pennies.  I have been using survey… Continue reading My Recommended Reward and Survey Sites

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Frugal in Japan: Nitori and Muji

2016-2-14 started and finished 2016-2-19. Nitori & MUJI Since I’m on a “frugal living in Japan” kick, I decided to share with you a discovery of mine. Actually, calling it my discovery is a lie. These stores were recommended to me by coworkers after they’d heard about me snoozing on a wooden floor and stacking… Continue reading Frugal in Japan: Nitori and Muji

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Roughing It

Roughing It (Originally written on 2016-2-12) I’m roughing it.  Surely when people hear that, they have a vivid image pop into their minds—though every impression of the term “roughing it” definitely differs. For me, my first days in my apartment in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan were indeed the very definition of “roughing it.” No internet, no mattress, no… Continue reading Roughing It