Guest Post: What Civilians Wish You Knew

I recently was invited to write a guest post for Separating From Service, a powerful blog created by a good friend of mine, Eric Burleson. Separating From Service is all about helping veterans who are transitioning back into a nonmilitary society gain a stronger foothold and make the best of their new life.

But even if you are not from the military and just need some ideas about getting over things like alcoholism or need a look into what veterans go through, Separating From Service is a great resource. I’m not just saying this because Eric is a friend of mine. Everything he comes up with is done through compassion and understanding. I think it is awesome to give veterans the resources they need but are not given upon transitioning from service.

After having engaged with Eric for some time, as well as thinking about past experiences speaking with veterans, I came up with some things I wish I could tell veterans. Now, I have.

To give you quick glimpse: (especially to all you army veterans out there)

1. Civilians Are Not Lazy
We aren’t. I swear. Sometimes our ambitions get lost, but overall, there are a lot of determined civilians out there. Our motivations are simply different from yours.

2. Do Not Dodge The Question

3. Language Barriers
Your jargon and my jargon are not interchangeable and sometimes completely incompatible.

4. Tolerance

Check out the full article What Civilians Wish You Knew by yours truly at Separating From Service.


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