Ebook Review: Superpower of Intention

Eri’s Book Review for

Superpower of Intention: How Intention Affects Our Reality by Andrew Morrissey

Disclaimer: This review contains affiliate links.

One of the coolest people I have made contact with as a freelance writer and superhero nerd (Batman, Deadpool, X-men, and Thor fan here) is Andrew Morrissey. We started conversing a while back about awakening superhuman powers through things like mindfulness and meditation. So, I decided to give his book a read and view the instructional video series that comes with it.

The book is entitled, “Superpower of Intention: How Intention Affects Our Reality.”

And the cover looks like this:

I have to say, if you want a quick but educational read that gets you motivated to bring out the best version of yourself, then you should totally give his book a read.

The book is superbly written, captivating, and just eloquent enough to yield some seriously quotable content. It is packed with genuine information and eye-opening ideas that get you thinking about what it means to be hero in a whole new perspective.

One of my favorite sections was introducing the “shadow self,” or our villainous or victim unconscious that many of us are uncomfortable even thinking about.

To quote directly from the book:

“Once we merge and integrate the shadow within, we may then start to activate a more authentic personal experience, freeing ourselves from the distractions of unnecessary conflicts and victim based dramas and thereby becoming the master storyteller who embarks on a journey which leads to individualized transformation: the genesis of your real life heroic Self.”

Furthermore, I truly enjoyed the allusions to superheros that I grew up intermingling with Jungian psychology and other vivid descriptions. For those who do not like psychobabble and Chicken Soup for the Soul mumbo-jumbo, Superpower of Intention is the veritable Marvel version. Digestible, comprehensive, and fun.

There are even suggestions for how to get in touch with your true self through various techniques (mentioned in the videos), creative journalism, breathing practices, movement therapy and play, and learning acceptance. Though these are things that everyone can do, Morrissey makes these simple actions feel very empowering and substantial.

It was the final message of the book that honestly struck me the most–that everyone is already a hero, even if you haven’t realized it yet. When you become aware of your true light, however imperfect it may be, and harness your internal strengths, you can live with awareness, take responsibility for your mistakes, and be honest with yourself.

I highly recommend this book. Check it out today.


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