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Investing in Women

Today is a rather important day for me. It’s my 3rd full day of a vacation in Japan. Time just seems to fly by when you’re having fun.

Here in this country so unlike my own, you begin to see the differences in genders. Japan is not terrible when it comes to equality for women. In fact, while women are still considered the mothers, the caretakers, the homemakers, and the effeminate in Japan, the education for them is the same. Women here don’t seem to mind being treated along the lines of society’s depiction of them.

Women should “know their place,” but they aren’t necessarily stopped from attempting to achieve their goals like in other places around the world. In that sense, I think there’s an underlying strength and fortitude in Japanese women. They work hard for what they want.

The only thing is that I wish Japan would take emphasis off of women having to be weak and slim and demure. But then again, it’s cultural too.

In America, women and men aren’t on the same plane–but it’s different somehow. A lot of women are scorned for speaking out, for wanting to protect their own bodies, for wanting the same rate of pay as men. But we forget how fortunate we are.

We forget how much we already have.

So many women around the world don’t have the options American women do. In lesser developed countries, there’s no maternity leave. There’s no voting rights. There’s no feminine hygiene, healthcare, and post-natal care. Women are scorned as humans but coveted as objects. Many are seen as sexual devices. It’s terrible, and it needs to stop.

So once again, I was asked to write up an article for Lemin Solutions, an organization building up a network of philanthropists, donors, and investors to change the world little-by-little through technology.

Check out the previous article HERE.

You Help Women, You Help a Nation

By Valerie Taylor

There was a time when ones gender mattered more than their capabilities at work and in life. Men were thought to be smarter, stronger, and generally more human than women. But that was grossly underestimating the potential of the opposite gender, whose abilities span farther than simply adding children to the human population. That is why it is crucial to understand that women are just not the mortar of society, we are the future of the world, and every piece of the future is a firm investment.

Lemon Solutions understands the importance of investing in women throughout the world, but do you?

Let’s look at where most women in the world stand:

  • Women make up half of the world’s population, but around 70% of them are poor.
  • Within that 70%, 2 out of 3 adult women are illiterate.
  • Globally, women work more than men, but they only earn 1/10 of the world’s sum income.
  • More than 100 countries have laws restricting women’s participation in society and the economy.
  • 43% of women make up the agricultural work force but most don’t own their own land. However, it’s been proven that women who farm get 10-30% more crop yields than men.
  • Women only make up 18.9% of the world’s legislators. Countries with more women in the government see more peace and collaboration with other nations.

(credit: &

There is of course more to investing in women than simply giving more money to feminine healthcare and developing nations. Investing in women means advocating equality for everyone in the entire world. This means understanding that women are as important to building households, countries, and the future as men are. When men and women are on the same ground, free from the constraints of a glass ceiling, so much more can come into fruition.

Women are innovators, entrepreneurs, and nation builders. When women are given power, great things happen. The country’s economy stabilizes, there are less instances of sexually transmitted diseases, lower infant mortality rates, and an boosted workforce of educated individuals. So many women change the course of history by getting educated, getting a sense of purpose, and having confidence. Examples of this is seen in the Ghunduribadi women who used their bodies as shields to protect a sacred forest in Odisha, India; the African women who pool their resources together to trade chickens, eggs, and other food to provide for their families; and the Lebanese bloodied brides who are standing up to rapists and for women’s rights. Women shake society when they stare down oppressors, like the young girl in Chile or stand against terrorism like Malala Yousafzai.

Lemin Solutions is a new kind of organization that is comprised of innovators, just like you, who team up with an international network of professionals to tackle social issues. The pilot program for the company is to aid Eritrean women who are now refugees in Israel with getting the financial, medical, educational, legal, and technological help they need to become a prosperous members of society. It is projects such as these that make use of Lemin Solutions amazing pool of philanthropic donors, team members, and investors.


1: Gebremichael is an Eritrean refugee who came to the U.S. in 2010. The painting is in honor of women.

An investment in these Eritrean women is not solely based on money. It’s based on all the things that make someone’s life more complete. An example of this is bringing in Information Technology specialists, psychologists, and language teachers to train, teach, and guide these women. Lemin Solutions offers to pay for utilities and connect psychology and social work professionals to help promote mental wellness too.

After all, an investment is more than dollars and cents signs, an investment can be your ideas and time. If you have an idea to aid towards strengthening women and bringing greater opportunities throughout the world, Lemin Solutions invites you to contact them. Who knows, your dream might become reality.


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