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Innovations Saving Lives

I was recently asked by someone on Fiverr, where I’m growing into a self-directed entrepreneur (yay!), to write an article for their organization. Now, I’m not usually one for over-doing promotions or shining light on myself, but I wanted to feature this article today. I also wanted to explain more about the organization, because I think a coalition of minds like this shows something amazing.

Global citizenship. Worldwide connections. People joining hands to do amazing things, like reshaping the face of economy with technology, or giving the less fortunate a reason to smile.

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? I think, more than ever, people need to lay aside their differences and this idea of “getting ahead” to truly come to together. The world is filled with so much hate and confusion nowadays. Whenever I see people trying to do their part to bring peace and community to those trapped in terrible circumstances, it renews my faith in my fellow man.

So when Lemin Solutions asked me to write them up something special about their company of innovators changing and saving lives, I was stoked.

It’s that time of the year where we start preaching again about the “spirit of giving.” Showing kindness and compassion towards others should not be dependent on your religion. Nor should it matter if you believe in the “reason for the season,” which many would say is the birth of Jesus Christ.

No… the true reason, I think, is something that people have globally created for themselves and their own cultures. The desire to give rather than receive, the want of something better for those that don’t have what you do–that’s what I’m talking about.

Lemin Solutions understands that, and I was honored to be the first writer to feature their message.

If you have an idea that can bring smiles and wellness to impoverished populations in far away places, would you do it?

If you had support and financial backing, wouldn’t you let your ambitions take flight?

I know I want to try, which is why I’m happy to support Lemin Solutions, an organization that gives you the appropriate network, materials, and funding to back your humanitarian efforts. To learn more, check out the blog I wrote for them HERE.

A brief quote from the page:

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Though many people believe that by themselves making waves is impossible, they forget that a single act of kindness creates a ripple. That ripple can motivate others to join in the cause, and soon what was once a solitary force is standing in line with thousands, if not millions, more. 

Lemin Solutions believes in connecting modern innovators with like-minded people through technology to tackle social issues around the world so that the ripple you’re making now can join a wave and transform into something bold and beneficial for the world.

Watch the Lemin Solutions Promo

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