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10 things Japan has that America needs | Yettio

via 10 things Japan has that America needs | Yettio

Written by me, VALERIE TAYLOR APRIL 15, 2016

Despite being an innovative country, America is missing things. Japan’s useful contrivances are boundless, but here’s some that America should really consider adopting.

Love hotels
Let’s admit right now that getting that special moment with someone can be difficult. I don’t understand why America hasn’t caught on to how useful these places can be for couples. Surprisingly, a night (or even a few hours) in a love hotel is actually really affordable, explaining why even people in platonic relationships will often make use of these quirky themed rooms.

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3 thoughts on “10 things Japan has that America needs | Yettio”

  1. Wha? Where did that thought come from? 🙂
    By the way – I’m Robert. I’m walking the hallways of WordPress and randomly opening doors. It’s amazing what you can find in here! This is like reading the news, only it’s real things that matter to real people that I’m finding. Like Love Hotels! 😀
    Hello Teira – how are you?


    1. Hello Robert! Nice to meet you 🙂 I’m well! You?
      Thanks for liking the article. WordPress is certainly great for finding new things and meeting new people.
      As for the article, it was influenced mainly by the magazine I write for, Yettio, which is all about quirky stuff worldwide.

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