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Sushi eating etiquette 101 | Yettio

via Sushi eating etiquette 101 | Yettio and written by yours truly!

There is something exhilarating about pushing back a sushi shop’s entry curtain or sliding door and getting welcomed with a boisterous, “Irrashaimase!

Experiencing proper Japanese food in Japan has got to be high up on most people’s travel list. Who can resist freshly sliced sashimi or masterfully layered sushi?

After living in Japan for some time, I’ve learned sushi etiquette. The dos, the don’ts and tips for tasting greater umami from the locals. Whether you consider yourself a sushi aficionado or have tried nothing but sub-par supermarket rolls, you’re in for a surprise.

A note on sushi joints in Japan. There are two types of restaurant. There are the places that don’t specialise in sushi, but sell it. These will often display 寿司レストラン or just “sushi” in the window. At these restaurants, you receive an entrée or boat of sushi rather than be charged by the plate.

You can continue reading HERE.


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