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10 things Japan has that America needs | Yettio

via 10 things Japan has that America needs | Yettio Written by me, VALERIE TAYLOR APRIL 15, 2016 Despite being an innovative country, America is missing things. Japan’s useful contrivances are boundless, but here’s some that America should really consider adopting. Love hotels Let’s admit right now that getting that special moment with someone can be difficult.… Continue reading 10 things Japan has that America needs | Yettio

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5 awesome ramen joints in Tokyo | Yettio

via 5 awesome ramen joints in Tokyo | Yettio By yours truly.  This article was originally published on The only encounter with ramen most of us will have is the instant cup kind invented by Momofuku Ando in the 1950s. Unless you’re in Japan. Here you’ll realize that ramen is a heavenly concoction. Though… Continue reading 5 awesome ramen joints in Tokyo | Yettio

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The TunnelBear: Digging Holes in the Internet

  The TunnelBear VPN: Pawsitively Powerful I could bear-ly contain my excitement when finding a VPN that actually operated exactly the way I wanted.  Tunnelbear is adorable and powerful.  A true grizzly of the VPN world. What’s a VPN?   VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  You want one of these for a multitude of… Continue reading The TunnelBear: Digging Holes in the Internet

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Dancing Across Borders

There is something irrevocably magical about dancing. Whether viewing or doing, we are transported to another plane of awareness and involvement that is both mind-bendingly surreal yet viciously corporeal. Even now I struggle to describe with words the influence dancing has had on my life. As a writer, this is honestly embarrassing; but as a… Continue reading Dancing Across Borders

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Sushi eating etiquette 101 | Yettio

via Sushi eating etiquette 101 | Yettio and written by yours truly! There is something exhilarating about pushing back a sushi shop’s entry curtain or sliding door and getting welcomed with a boisterous, “Irrashaimase!” Experiencing proper Japanese food in Japan has got to be high up on most people’s travel list. Who can resist freshly sliced… Continue reading Sushi eating etiquette 101 | Yettio

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4 Things to Say to Someone Depressed

Originally published on my Hubpages. Chances are you know someone or you are someone who is anguished by depression. If you are someone with depression, I hope that, as a fellow sufferer, these statements offer you some relief from your sadness. Should you be someone questing for a means of supporting a friend or family member… Continue reading 4 Things to Say to Someone Depressed

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Recommended Books for Dancers

The Chosen Books This list is not in any particular order. I've read each text on the list and love them greatly. If I could number them all with 1 I would, because each work is uniquely useful to dancers in some aspect. As for non-dancers, the creative insights within these listed works will no doubt prove… Continue reading Recommended Books for Dancers