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A Candid Review of Postloop, Content Marketplace
A Candid Review by Teira Eri

Disclaimer: Contains an affiliate link. 
“one of a kind; content marketplace: we make money-making fun
– make money doing something you enjoy doing
– work at your own pace
– get paid when you want to get paid
– sign up today and get paid tomorrow”
Quoted straight from the homepage.

If you have previously heard about, you are no doubt intrigued, right?  Everything listed on the homepage of the website sounds too good to be true, but it is.  I can assure you of that.  Though I doubted the legitimacy of such a site at first, I will tell you that I’ve received a payout and am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  In fact, I find myself making time to work on Postloop.  Such an earnestness signals to me that I’m honestly enjoying the time I spend on the site.  There’s no drudgery, not redundancy, and no deadlines.  As someone who does freelance article writing and works as a professional dancer outside of the internet, the freedom to do what you want when you can is such a reprieve.

That said, here is a candid look into the world of  The website dubs itself as a content marketplace, giving it a Clickworker/Lionbridge feel.  Unlike data entry, you are not a drone. pays you for being creative.  Awesome, right?

Once you sign up, you’re going to see your dashboard.  Keep in mind that mine is very full.

Postloop1I wanted to show you how clean the interface is.  Note the lack of jumbled menus and banners.  You get exactly what you need laid out from the beginning.  The learning curve is minimal.  I highlighted forums, blogs, and my dashboard, because those are what you will be accessing most often should you choose to enroll into Postloop. Forums and blogs reroute you the available websites that want you to subscribe and post your opinions.

Under my account, you’ll see Subscriptions.  Once you’ve enlisted your services, you can access all the sites from there.  It’s effortless.

When you sign up, you have two options—to be a buyer or seller.  In other words, are you promoting your forum or blog?  Or are you adding content?  Since I have not listed my own website for promotion, I cannot tell you the experiences of the opposite end, but I do know that Postloop has a very lively community of posters.

You will see when you go to withdraw your points an exchange rate.

There are also requirements—so that claim on the homepage that says, “Sign up today and get paid tomorrow” is a total blatant lie.

You will not make 100 points in a day.  You won’t make 100 points in a week unless you commit an entire day to posting.  Chances are, you can’t devote hours to actively writing on forums and blogs due to post limitations and rating restrictions.  More on that later.  Any money you withdraw is swiftly authorized and delivered straight to Paypal.

There is no other option to receive your money.

You also have to be higher than the average rating.  This part can be an issue if you do not initially receive 4-stars.  That’s right.  There’s a test.  Postloop wants 10 sample posts with decent English grammar on their sample site prior to releasing you into the wild.  Customers are paying for content, not one word answers; and Postloop wants people who will commit to that.  Once you post 10 times, you will receive a notification email that the moderators will review your posts and either approve or disapprove your application.

When you get the freedom to post on the forums and start making money, do not expect much.  You need a 4.5 star rating to get into the more interesting places.  Another downside to this system is that some of the forums and blogs have not been updated in ages.  You sign up, activate your website account, subscribe, and start posting only to realize that you will never receive credit for what you’ve written.  Forums get enable and disabled in a blink.  Moreover, extremely active forums may go offline randomly—as in the website owner hasn’t ordered points.

The times when this happens is often over weekends and peak hours.  Guaranteed to make your teeth grind. In that light, Postloop is comparable to Clickworker, where work comes and goes.  Yet, I would say that it is also slightly more reliable, because there is always a smattering of running forums.  You may not get the most interesting conversations happening but it’s money.

My tips to getting the most out of
1. Devote 2 hours max to posting.  You don’t have to do this all at once.
2. Be aware of the limits on the forums.
3. Don’t mention that you are a Postloop employee.  Ever.
4. Steer clear of the blogs.  Most of them are dead.
5. Sign up for forums that pertain to your interests.  You want to be able to post reliable content, not junk.  You won’t make friends with forum owners that way.
6. Take advantage of what you’re doing for some personal PR.  Some forums are against this, but for the ones that aren’t: post your website link into your signature.  If people like your posts, they’ll probably be enticed to visit your blog too.  Post-ception.
7. Have fun.  It’s more rewarding when you can laugh and make friends.  Hello, social networking.
8. Make use of the referral program, which rewards you and anyone who signs up under you with bonus points for the duration of your time on Postloop.

If I were to sum up the Postloop “content marketplace” in one word, I’d say, ‘profitable.’  You get a lot of benefits for merely saying what you think.  Be as active as you want to get rewarded for it.  Plus, has no IP address restrictions.  Enjoy chatting with intelligent individuals from around the world while simultaneously giving your online identity substance.

As always, thank you for the read.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will give a try.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts, questions or concerns.

All the best.


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