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Depersonalization [a poem]

A poem inspired by:

Trevor Something – Come Back to Me


We stare at one other
breathing identical breaths
Humid steam
Cheek to clammy cheek
Our eyes penetrate our souls—
Gazing into the blackness
To the person we want to be
I see you;
You don’t see me.

Fingertip to tip,
Dragging down our bodies
Digging into the bones
And picking at the scabs
We feel the heat of our skin
But our breath turns cold with fear
Why don’t you react
To my touch as you bleed?

Our lips move, speaking
Identical words
“Why don’t you love me?”
“What did I do?”
Nose to nose, we draw in our sighs,
and we smear our tears against the glass
Separating me from you
And I keep repeating,
“What did you do now?”

She is me,
And I am her
a blank reflection in another state
on another plane, does she see my pain?
I try to be her,
But she is nothing to me.
The muscles and bone that hold her together
is something we share.
I wear the skin of a stranger.

By Teira Eri
Although the music has influenced me, so too has my depression. 


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