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Since I work part time as a private English Teacher in Japan, I wanted to share some writing prompts that  I made (upon receiving inspiration from Academic English Cafe). Academic English Cafe is a very useful tool. (゚∀゚)  These are divided up by Level — as in Easy, Intermediate, and Expert.

My thinking goes like this:
Easy = Child or ultimate beginner;
Intermediate = Teenager studying English in High School or Adult Beginner;
Expert = Someone with general knowledge and understanding of the English language.

Prompt 1:
About cafés or restaurants: how often do you go? Where is your favorite place?  What do you like to order? Do you like going to cafés or restaurants with friends or family?

Prompt 2
About the Senses (taste, smell, sight): what are some of your favorite foods?  Favorite drinks? Favorite flavors and colors? What are your favorite food and drink smells?

Prompt 3
What does your name, first and last, mean? Do you have a nickname?  What is your favorite name, boy and girl? How do you feel about your name?  What would you name your children? And if you don’t want children, what would you name  your next pet? Why?

Prompt 4
What did you do this morning? What is your morning routine (what do you do  every morning)?  How did this morning differ from usual (and if it didn’t what would you like  to do differently)?  How are weekday and weekend mornings different for you? Are you a morning person  or a night owl?

Prompt 5
What are some of your hobbies? When did they become your hobbies? Why?  How much time do you spend doing them?

Prompt 6
What is your favorite season? Describe some things about that season that you like and tell me why. Do you eat any special foods during this season? Do you play  or watch any special sports during that season?

Prompt 7
What is your favorite animal? Why? What does this animal look like? What do they eat?  Where do they live in the wild? Would you like to have this animal as a pet?  Do you think that is a good idea? Why?

Prompt 7
What is your typical work day/school day like? What do you study/do?  What are some of your favorite school/work related activities? Do you have any big projects  coming up? What makes your school/work interesting to you (or what doesn’t)?

Prompt 8
Write a letter to a friend/relative telling them about what you have been doing lately.  What is new in your life? What are some events that you would like to tell them about?  Do you have any questions for them?

Prompt 9
Describe an event in your life that has impacted you in some way,  either good or bad. What happened and when? Who was involved? What made this  event memorable? What did you learn from it? And if you could go back in time, what would  you tell yourself prior to that event? Would you change anything?

Prompt 10
Where are some places where you would like to travel? Describe your ideal vacation  and why it is ideal. Why did you choose the place or locations you did?  Who would be with you? How would you get there? What would you do? Are there any foods or beverages you would like to taste?

Prompt 11
What would peace on Earth look like to you? Do you think countries can ever solve their disputes? What would you like to see changed around the world?  How do you think you can take part?

Prompt 12
Make a list of goals that you have achieved or are working towards completing.  These goals can be personal, academic, or economic. Why did you make these goals?  How did achieving these goals impact your life? Also describe a couple of goals that you might have given up on for a number of reasons. Would you like to restart those goals now?

Prompt 13
Choose a room in your home that you would like to redecorate. If there was no space, time,  or money concerns, how would you decorate this room? What color(s) would you  paint the walls? What kind of furniture would you include? Would the room be themed?  Would you hang any art? What about the carpeting? Would you remove any walls or  add any windows?

Prompt 14
Do you have a favorite superhero or supervillain? Do you prefer to read about them or  watch television or movies about them? What makes this character your favorite?  If you could have any superpower, what would it be? And if you could live in the world  of your favorite superhero or supervillain, would you?

Prompt 15
Imagine you have been given the chance to recreate the world as you see fit.  How would you govern this world? What kind of society would you hope to make?  What rules and laws would you instill? How would you punish crime? Describe what a day  in this world would be like for you and the troubles you might have to contend with.

Prompt 16
Write a story using the following details: a mystical forest, magic, mythical creatures,  and a wizard. Be sure to include at least one protagonist and one antagonist,  a conflict, a climax, and a resolution.

Prompt 17
Tell me about a historical figure that you would like to meet. Have an interview  with that person. When and where were they born? What kind of life did they live?  What makes this person so significant? Did they make any discoveries or enact any  laws that has changed our modern times? If that person was alive today  (or if they are still alive), how would/do they view the present state of things?

Prompt 18
What is your favorite branch of science? Why? What scientific theories do you know about?  If you don’t know the name, please describe it for me. What scientific theories are  you curious about? If you could study any branch of science in depth, which would you  choose and why? In your opinion, which scientific discoveries are  the most important to humanity?

Prompt 19
What is your favorite genre of music? If you have more than one, do you like them equally  or is there one you cannot live without? What is one of your most favorite songs and why?  Have any songs changed your life in some way? Do you think music is necessary? Why?

Prompt 20
What are some cultural experiences in your country that you would describe  to a foreigner looking to visit? Are there any cultural festivals that this person  should not miss? What are some traditions and customs that foreigners should be  aware of? How would you approach a foreigner doing something unintentionally offensive  to tell them why their actions are wrong?

* I intend to add more later on, but for right now, that’s what I’ve got.



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