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引っ越しの前・Before the Move

Head in the Clouds

This is from the very end of January, but I wanted to post it again because I’m still looking back at the kindness of friends through many occasions and smiling.

Before moving to Japan, I worked at Tilton Fitness in New Jersey. During my employment, I met a lot of wonderful people. It felt like extended family. Of course, when the members and my coworkers heard the news, they were shocked. But, compared to my real family, the people at the fitness club said that my moving to Japan is good fortune. These wishes of happiness are what make like wonderful, I think.  Thinking along the same lines, it answers why I like teaching. In the beginning, those members and coworkers were just that. But, after a while I remembered their names, understood their behaviors, and learned their favorite things. They became unforgettable friends. I’ll treasure every class and will forever hold onto this gratitude. Until the end of my own life, I will remember them.

Haruki Murakami said it the best, “But still no matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away. They remain with us forever, like a touchstone.”

日本に引越しする前に、ニュージャージー州のTilton Fitness(チルトンフィットネスクラブ)で働きました。雇用中、大勢な素晴らしい人間に会うことがよくできました。大家族みたいな雰囲気がありました。もちろん、日本に引越しするはずと聞くと、お客と同僚に悲しくて、びっくりさせました。でも、本当の家族に比べて、その人は「日本へ行くのは幸運だよね」と言いてくれました。そういう幸せを届けるように望みは自分の人生を素敵になれる力があると思います。 同じことを考えれば、どうして教えることが好きの理由が表せます。最初に、お客様と同僚はそれだけです。でも、少しずつ名前を覚えたり、態度を分かるようになったり、好きなことを習ったりしました。すぐ忘れられない友達になりました。教えたクラスは大切にして、感謝を持っています、永遠に。この友達は私の人生の最後まで覚えるに決まっています。


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