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Moving Tips

Moving Tips (o‘∀‘o)*:◦♪   Again, this was originally put on my now terminated FC2 blog.  However, since I decided to move, all of my stuff was deleted.  Here it is again: There were a couple of mornings prior to leaving for Japan where I woke up and stood in the middle of my room, staring at the belongings and sizing… Continue reading Moving Tips

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Writing Prompts (ESL)

Since I work part time as a private English Teacher in Japan, I wanted to share some writing prompts that  I made (upon receiving inspiration from Academic English Cafe). Academic English Cafe is a very useful tool. (゚∀゚)  These are divided up by Level -- as in Easy, Intermediate, and Expert. My thinking goes like this: Easy… Continue reading Writing Prompts (ESL)

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引っ越しの前・Before the Move

This is from the very end of January, but I wanted to post it again because I'm still looking back at the kindness of friends through many occasions and smiling. Before moving to Japan, I worked at Tilton Fitness in New Jersey. During my employment, I met a lot of wonderful people. It felt like extended family.… Continue reading 引っ越しの前・Before the Move


移動しました~ I’ve moved~

ええと、他のブログから来ましたので、これからよろしくお願いします! Since I came from another blog, from here on I'm in your care! That will also explain why the next batch of blogs you see appear (especially those people from Twitter and Facebook that read my stuff) may be things you've read before.  I apologize. is much more impressive and functional than FC2.