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MALWARE: Chapter 2

Author's note: So it took me awhile to get around to posting this, but I figured updated my blog was more important. Many great things are underway, and this story is only a fraction of everything that is going on. Without further ado, here is Malware: Chapter 2 By Valerie Taylor Visuals switched on and… Continue reading MALWARE: Chapter 2

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MALWARE: Chapter 1

MALWARE, Chapter 1 [Full] By Valerie Taylor <Author's Note: This is the full length, first chapter of MALWARE, a prequel to a novel I am working on, titled COMMAND. Don't hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think!> 1. The night was the color of an overripe plum dotted with stars. Those… Continue reading MALWARE: Chapter 1


Native Apples: Newsletter 1

The first newsletter for Native Apples, a growing and culturally diverse freelance community.


Generation Butthurt – Interesting Thoughts

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog: Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Kenny Louie. Today we are going to dive back into social media because who we are on-line impacts the odds of our success. Whether we like it or not, engaging on social media and cultivating a following is going to massively… via Generation… Continue reading Generation Butthurt – Interesting Thoughts

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USA Inauguration Day

My unhappy thoughts about the Inauguration of Hate. I say, resist. Fight. Keep the dream alive.

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Investing in Women

Today is a rather important day for me. It's my 3rd full day of a vacation in Japan. Time just seems to fly by when you're having fun. Here in this country so unlike my own, you begin to see the differences in genders. Japan is not terrible when it comes to equality for women.… Continue reading Investing in Women

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Innovations Saving Lives

I was recently asked by someone on Fiverr, where I'm growing into a self-directed entrepreneur (yay!), to write an article for their organization. Now, I'm not usually one for over-doing promotions or shining light on myself, but I wanted to feature this article today. I also wanted to explain more about the organization, because I… Continue reading Innovations Saving Lives